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Our products


The steering system is one of the key elements characterizing a vehicle; it is at the heart of every vehicle.
Safety and ride comfort of the driver and passengers depend highly on the steering system. Performance and correct working of a vehicle are in fact strictly connected to the quality of the installed steering system.
A high quality steering system must be precise, free from play, user friendly, compact, direct and flexible. In addition, the steering system should give the driver the maximum comfort, driving stability and a good control on the wheels in phase of steering.
The steering system with the servo mechanism allows avoiding obstacles and possible shocks on the road very easily and manages abrupt steering corrections that could compromise the vehicle stability.
The hydraulic system shall compensate the majority of the risks that could influence the vehicle performance in a negative way.
With the help of the steering system and through a simple steering wheel, the driver is able to control the vehicle efficiently and with extreme flexibility; moreover s/he can react to any sudden dangerous situation on the road easily and with just a little effort keep the vehicle on track.


OGNIBENE POWER offers tailor-made solutions to all of its customers thanks to its vast and long experience consolidated in the last 60 years of activity.
After having received your detailed specifications, we will be able, within few weeks, to plan, engineer and manufacture a first prototype to put before you for approval and tests.
Furthermore the quality of the new projects is guaranteed by several advancement tests on prototypes and by continuous examinations of process and materials, all contributing to ensure the integrity of the final product.
Production cycles and the respective production machinery are constantly and accurately monitored during the entire planning phase, in order to offer the Customer high-quality high-performance products.
New products are subject to scrupulous controls by our quality department, equipped with up-to-date measuring devices periodically calibrated and tested.

The final approval is therefore determined by:
  • Size conformity and compliance with the Customers’ specifications
  • Controls and performance tests through procedures such as ENDURANCE (dynamic test), HIGH PRESSURE (Bursting Test), PULSAR (static and acceleration test), MUD TEST.

Product quality is monitored during the entire vital cycle of the product by means of SPC devices (Statistical Process Control) and tools for the collection of statistical data such as QA Matrix that helps identifying the major critical events in the productive process with the objective of reducing the costs generated by non-conformance parts. Every single batch to be delivered is subject to pneumatic testing: last but not the least as this quality test ensures the high level of reliability of our manufacturing process.
An accurate planning of the production process is necessary in order to offer an efficient service to the Customer.
To this end, OGNIBENE POWER decided to acquire and apply the business software SAP® that, together with state-of-the-art equipment and productive process, allows us to ensure a timely management of deliveries and high qualitative standards.


Our long lasting experience in the hydraulic manufacturing sector, a strict cooperation between company functions and a full compliance with global standards represent the fundamental characteristics of our productive process.
After an accurate analysis of market dynamics, we can readily identify new trends in the manufacturing industry and apply them to our production system.
Ognibene Power has been applying a management based on robotized areas for about 40 years. This management has been the way to achieve a better productive efficiency in parallel with a remarkable reduction in costs and delivery times.
Ognibene Power always adopts state-of-the –art technologies aiming at a ZERO MUDA (waste) and zero-defects productive system.
The process is organized in focused units able to minimize layout wastes and perform the slower operations at the same time of the faster ones without influencing the production cycle or the timing and optimizing material handling.
Our highly robotized working units integrate turning operations, milling, drilling, skiving rolling burnishing, robotic welding and friction welding. We use machineries manufactured by the best so as to clone the working units developed in OPW and apply them also in our locations abroad (same process, same machinery).
Even though our productive plants are highly robotized, they are conceived to meet the customer necessities with the help of quick setup, integrated dimensional controls and other controls on the process parameters.
Within a perspective of continuous improvement, we analyze the plants’ OEE using an automatic system of data collecting. This allows us to implement kaizen activities aimed to maximize efficiency and productivity.


During the 00s the know-how developed in Italy has been gradually transferred to the Group subsidiaries abroad by means of a rigorous training of the foreign operators (consisting of training periods done in the parent company) and the installation of the same production machinery.

Thanks to this internationalization process we have been able to branch out worldwide, even through the opening of 5 locations in the last 8 years:
  • OPOWER JAPAN K.K. -> Osaka (Japan)

In order to stay competitive, it is necessary to diversify our stock according to the necessities of the different local markets. Different countries need different products either in terms of power, technology and comfort. Different weather and geologic conditions, the different necessities and abilities of the final users, different political and economic situations are the real discriminating factors to bear in mind when approaching customers from every corner of the world. We take all these aspects into account since the very first phase of product planning.
In short, Ognibene Power foreign locations, located in strategic countries worldwide, answer to our need to locate products adapting them to the specific characteristics of the market and offering the right support to the parent company in supplying international customers.