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APS Active Power Steering

APS Active Power Steering

Ognibene relies heavily on research and development to consolidate its role as a reliable manufacturer of power steering systems for agricultural and construction machinery where mechatronics is fast becoming a key factor for competitiveness.
“We are proud to present the world’s top-leading off-highway manufacturers the results of our dedication towards research and innovation,” states Claudio Ognibene, President and CEO of Ognibene.  “We work daily to strengthen our competitiveness, as well as to make agricultural vehicles safer and more comfortable. The development of the APS system confirms this commitment.”
Active Steering in the automobile industry was developed by BMW/ZF, but is now available for off-highway vehicles, thanks to Ognibene’s continuous effort to remain at the cutting edge of innovation. Active Power Steering technology enhances vehicle handling and control, thus providing improved directional stability and safety.
Developed by Ognibene after accurate planning, research and testing, APS Active Power Steering is especially recommended for off-highway vehicles, in general, and medium-power, high-power high-performance tractors, in particular. At very low speeds, or when steering occurs in restricted spaces, APS makes steering more dynamic, reducing the number of lock-to-lock steering turns. At higher speeds, APS makes steering less dynamic, while increasing the number of lock-to-lock turns. The result is a safer and more efficient vehicle.
APS is full-time self-diagnosed, keeping the state of the system under control. Thanks to its compact dimensions, APS can be installed within small spaces. APS allows variable steering ratio according to the driver’s needs, by simply pushing a button.
“Advantages are significant and concrete. It can’t be a coincidence," explains Claudio Ognibene, "if the active steering system has been applied on high-performance models both in off-highway vehicles and cars. APS is an exclusive distinctive feature.”