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Cum Petere

CUM PETERE… the second 60 years

From Hermann Hesse's The Seasons of the Soul

Ognibene: Our choice is competitiveness

Competitiveness was the focus of Ognibene’s Open Day celebrations, during which the guidelines were stated for the consolidation of the company’s role as the leading manufacturer of steering actuators worldwide. Ognibene relies heavily on passion, integrity, quality, commitment and innovation in its pursuit of excellence. At age 90, founder Olmes Ognibene was rewarded by Unindustria Reggio Emilia.

REGGIO EMILIA, September 14, 2013. “Our second Sixty years begin today. Best Wishes.” This was the choral message dispatched via video from Brazil, China, India and the United States, and re-echoed by the four grandchildren of Olmes Ognibene. It concluded the multinational’s Open Day celebrations for the sixty-year anniversary of the company’s activity, founded by Olmes Ognibene on May 19th, 1953. The Open Day discussions revolved around the topic of competitiveness. Customers, suppliers, local and regional institutions, as well as all the “Steering People” (as they call themselves) at Ognibene were all introduced to the guidelines which will lead the company towards the consolidation of its role as a major player in the production of steering actuators.

Ognibene has twice received the “Europe’s 500 Job Creating Companies” award. “The years of rapid growth will not be easily repeated in the near future as the sector in which Ognibene operates is characterized by a high level of competition worldwide,” said President and CEO Claudio Ognibene. “However, if we analyze market trends, until 2020 we foresee real opportunities to enhance production and sales in the field of advanced components for agricultural and construction vehicles in the countries where we have located our subsidiaries.”

"Our development will have to rely heavily on the excellence which we are determined to achieve also thanks to the O-WCM program, together with steady investments into human resources.” In 2003, the plant in Reggio Emilia enabled Ognibene to reach worldwide leadership in the steering actuator business, which is still to this day “the jewel in the crown” of the company. At the same time, Ognibene has never stopped developing new applications in the fields of off-highway automotive and sports cars, or the marine industry.
More than 1200 guests from all over the world took part in the Open Day celebrations at Ognibene Power. The company’s 736 associates worldwide, along with their families, customers, suppliers and friends alike all had the opportunity to be shown around for an exclusive look at the highly advanced computerized processes and components manufactured by the Italian multinational corporation, so as to experience the “passion” and “know-how” passed on by Olmes Ognibene.
The president of Unindustria, Stefano Landi, gave the founder of Ognibene a memorial plaque on the occasion to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the company, reaffirming the necessity “to give importance to the values companies promote when, as often happens in family-run companies, the goals are clear, long-term and shared.”
During the meeting, the Regional Council Member to Productive Activities, Giancarlo Muzzarelli, emphasized the commitment of the Emilia-Romagna Region to “support and value the companies with an ability to entertain and develop strong and lasting relationships with the territory where they started off, but also those that accept the challenges offered by the global market.”
The same subjects were recalled by the President of Federmeccanica, Fabio Storchi: “I completely agree with Claudio Ognibene,” said Storchi on the subject of competitiveness. “Italian companies can guarantee and create employment opportunities only through competitiveness. Employment, like crisis, cannot be just words. There can be employment only if there is competitiveness.”
During the meeting CUM PETERE – Ognibene Power 1953-2013, Ugo Ferrari, Vice Mayor of Reggio Emilia, Sonia Masini, President of the Province of Reggio Emilia, Ilenia Malavasi from the ITS Foundation, and Lauro Riani, Vice President of Confindustria - Emilia-Romagna, all highlighted the importance of cooperation between territory and the many remarkable excellences in the field of continuous training like the ITS Foundation, which sees Ognibene Power among its members.
“There are many words summed up in the expression CUM PETERE,” continued Cristina Ognibene, Vice President of Ognibene Power. “Competitiveness has deep and ancient roots."
"We are trying to keep our competitiveness high because this is how we have ensured growth. Values such as reliability, innovation, respect and appreciation of people, quality and safety have all led to our O-WCM vision (Ognibene World Class Manufacturing), which we initiated in 2011.”
It was a great celebration, but also a moment dedicated to memories: a sequence of “dreams come true” could be seen in the history gallery of the tractors built by Olmes Ognibene and in the exhibition “Sixty Pictures for Sixty Years.” “Without new dreams,” reminded Olmes Ognibene, “there is no future. My ideas came up at night, but it was during the day that I worked hard to accomplish them.”
Headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Italy, Ognibene employed 219 people in 2003, gaining a position of global market leader in the field of off-highway power steering systems. In only ten years, employees have soared to 736 globally, working in Italy and the company’s branches in China, India, Brazil as well as the United States.
Four manufacturing facilities ensure the production of steering systems to the world’s largest manufacturers of tractors, excavators, material handling equipment, trucks, boats, machines for urban hygiene and other various applications. In 2012 Ognibene became the holding company controlling Ognibene Power, the company that supervises all industrial and productive activities in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and at the global locations in Caxias do Sul, Brazil, in Pune, India, and in Suzhou, China. The North American logistics and distribution branch in Charlotte, NC, will further develop its activities in the near future. During the last decade, the company’s turnover has increased from 38 to almost 100 million euros, which had been forecasted for 2013 (+260%), with 67% of sales to foreign customers.

NEW WEBSITE: Ognibene’s 60th anniversary was also the occasion for the release of their new website:, which will follow the company’s updates in the years to come. It represents a brand new vision of the Italian multinational created in order to better illustrate the role of Ognibene in the OEM industry worldwide.

About us

Ognibene is a multinational family-owned company that has been operational on the market for more than sixty years. It is the only company worldwide that produces complete steering systems, which are actuators combined with hydrostatic steering units, for off-highway vehicles.

Founded by Olmes Ognibene in 1953, the company is still privately owned by the Ognibene family and managed by Claudio Ognibene, President and CEO since 1975.