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CEO Message

Our Idea of Competitiveness

The company’s long-term vision is total customer satisfaction and dedication to market needs. We will continue to march on..."

Our focus has always been and will be, even in the coming years, competitiveness. This word, which has deep and ancient roots, well summarizes the guiding principles that have informed our activity throughout the years. It comes from the Latin CUM PETERE, an expression containing several interesting meanings which are reflected in our managing and manufacturing practices daily. I joined the company founded by my father when I was only 14 and still in school. A lot of changes have been made since then, but the “passion” with which we took every decision, built up every relationship with our customers and suppliers, with our employees and the community around us, will remain the same all over the world. We try to keep competitiveness high because that’s how the company has expanded throughout time. Values such as reliability, innovation, respect and appreciation of people, quality and safety have all led to our O-WCM vision (Ognibene World Class Manufacturing), which we began implementing in 2011. The first years of the new millennium were specifically devoted to the internationalization and globalization of our activities. Being competitive is thus the only way to guarantee development and social well-being, and it has a clear meaning to us: “never be satisfied, as you can always do better”.

Claudio Ognibene, President & CEO